Peg Hooks with Peg Strappers

Peg Hooks with Peg Strappers

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List Price: $ 15.95

Sale Price: $ 11.00 for 12 hooks

You Save: $ 4.95 (31%)

Peg Hooks: 12 Piece Variety Pack

Expand your storage using the Holey Rail™ or any other standard ¼” pegboard system with this heavy duty, quality set of Peg Hooks with Pegstrappers. This combination makes it possible to SECURELY hang virtually anything your pegboard can handle, from snow shovels to step ladders.

This Peg Hook set includes: 

  • 2pcs ~ 5/8” curved hooks
  • 2pcs ~ 1 1/2" angled hooks
  • 2pcs ~ 3” double straight hooks
  • 2pcs ~ 6” double straight hooks
  • 2pcs ~ 1 1/2 “ curved hooks
  • 2pcs ~  6” straight hooks
  • And including as a bonus item, (12) Patented PegStrappers
Garage Organizer Perfection
Peg Hooks with Peg Strappers
5/ 5 stars


I purchased these for a previous home a few years ago, and this kept my garage super organized. I just moved into a new home today, and I are ordered these for my new home skk OK it could be just as organized. I researched garage organizers and this is still the best on the market.