Peg Strappers - 40

Peg Strappers - 40

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List Price: $ 12.95

Sale Price: $ 8.45 for 40 Strappers

You Save: $ 4.50 (35%)

Reinforce your peg hooks

Our patent pending Peg Strappers lock your peg hooks in place, bracing them for heavy loads and preventing lift out. Use them to keep your hooks upright and in place for: 

  • Works equally well on traditional pegboard as well as Holeyrail
  • Keep both 1/8th and 1/4 inch peghooks "locked" in place
  • The reusable clip allows to quickly relocate and never lose another peghook
  • The unique design locks virtually any peg hook regardless of size, shape or manufacturer.

You can use the Peg Strapper system with any ¼” pegboard system, including the ultra-tough Holey Rail™ to hold the heaviest loads.