Holey Rail

5/5 (45 reviews)

$ 12.95 for 4 ft Rail

The patented Holey Rail™ is our premiere product: a tough steel pegboard system that installs in just minutes. A perfect garage storage solution and more – you’ll be impressed with the amount and the weight you can hang from it. Ideal for heavy steel tools, long handled garden implements, sporting goods, heavy bags and soon bicycles and shelves.

This will include 1 48” long Holey Rail™ wall-mounted metal pegboards. Buy more 48" units for a deeper discount You Save! on shipping too.

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Peg Strappers

5/5 (2 reviews)

$ 8.45

Our Patented Peg Strappers lock your peg hooks in place, bracing them for heavy loads and preventing lift out. Use them to keep your hooks upright and in place.

  • Constructed from a premium Polycarbonate for long life
  • Uses a removable and reusable pin 
  • Patented in 2017
  • locks either 1/8" or 1/4" peg hooks in place.

You can use the Peg Strapper system with any ¼” pegboard system, including the ultra-tough Holey Rail™ to hold the heaviest loads.

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Peg Hooks with Peg Strappers

5/5 (1 review)

MSRP $15.95
$ 11.00 for 12 hooks

Expand your storage using the Holey Rail™ or any other standard ¼” pegboard system with this heavy duty, quality set of Peg Hooks with Pegstrappers. This combination makes it possible to SECURELY hang virtually anything your pegboard can handle, from snow shovels to step ladders.

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Self Tapping Screws

0/5 (0 reviews)

MSRP $12.95
$ 8.45 for 20 Screws

These screws are ideal for fastening other types of brackets that have an existing hole (or a hole that can be added) in the bracket, allowing specialty brackets (such as weed whackers bracket, shelf brackets, hose racks) to be mounted onto the rail. They also allow a means of fastening the rail by splicing to another rail. Using a 1/2 socket on a powered driver, the threads are quickly formed in the rail. If necessary, a longer bolt can be used in place of the 3/4" long screw.

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Vinyl Coated Bracket 6 pcs

0/5 (0 reviews)

MSRP $19.95
$ 15.00

Heavy duty threaded brackets to use as an alternative to peg hooks. Brackets thread into the rail and lock in position by tightening down the jam nut. Vinyl covering protects the finish of the tool when hung.

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Concrete Mounting Kit for Two Rails

0/5 (0 reviews)

MSRP $15.95
$ 12.00

Everything needed to mount two rails onto a concrete or masonry wall (instructions included), you provide the (recommended) masonry drill and safety glasses.

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